Friday, October 05, 2007

Rules for Success

I promise this won't be another "10 rules for how to succeed in life" thing. Rather, I am sharing with you how I get anything done that I would rather not do.

The key is to make rules for yourself. For example, I had many books to read over the summer in preparation for writing my senior thesis. I also had the complete works of J.K. Rowling to read. Guess which group of books I spent more time on? Eventually, in order to get any real work done, I created a new rule. For every chapter of Harry Potter I read, I had to read a chapter out of a scholarly book. Suddenly, I was actually getting somewhere on my thesis project.

The current rule is that I can only buy a pair of awesome new gym pants if I go the gym 5 days a week for 2 weeks (for my detail-oriented family, that is 2 weeks total, not 2 consecutive weeks). This has proven to be harder than I thought, as things keep popping up that diminish the amount of time I have to go to the gym. Plus, Friday just isn't working out as one of the days I get my butt up and go. It's Friday morning, and what am I doing right now? Blogging. What should I be doing? Elliptical-ing my heart out.

4 days down this week, one more to go. I can almost feel the moisture-wicking fabric...


Blogger Janine said...

I am thrilled, of course, to see my favorite daughter (OK, my ONLY daughter) once again publishing (in a sense). The "if I do this, I will allow myself to do that" methodology for getting things done runs rampant in our family - glad to see you following in the family footsteps! Oh yes, and I LOVE YOU!

October 05, 2007 9:15 AM  
Blogger christina said...

So I'm reading the Harry Potter books right now (I'm on the 5th) If I had to do something constructive every time I read a chapter I would be the most productive person in the entire world. Needless to say that is so not happening. Moral of the story, join the grownup world and you only have to be productive between 9 and 5.

October 05, 2007 1:47 PM  
Blogger Sara said...

You know me. I never want to join the grownup world!

Well, I am sure I have a professor or two who would not appreciate me referring to getting a job in academia as the opposite of growing up. But can you really call people who hang out on college campuses all day grownups? It's just an excuse to stay in the never-never-land that is college. I can't wait until I am a part of it!

And I love you, too, Mom.

October 05, 2007 11:11 PM  

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