Saturday, October 06, 2007

Nature Rocks

Today was the Leap Sandcastle Classic, a kids' competition to see who can build the best thing out of sand. I say thing as oppose to castle because very few of the structures I saw looked remotely like a castle. The theme of the competition was "Nature Rocks," so most of the structures were animals and musical instruments. My favorite was two crocodiles laying in the sun, one on its back and one on its belly. I got there too late to see the construction process (I heard the signal to stop building as I was walking up the beach), but the finished products were mind-boggling nonetheless.

The beach was crowded with kids, their parents, and tons of photographers. Maybe I haven't been getting out much lately, but all of the events I have been to in the city recently (Love Fest, Folsom Street Fair, etc.) have been inundated by photographers. I love that people are out documenting great moments, but what bugs me is that nobody seems to ask permission to take pictures of people anymore. This doesn't apply to structures made of sand as much as it does to actual people, but have photographers gotten so wrapped up in getting a great shot that they forget about the privacy concerns of their subjects? That having been said, please check out my pics from the event on Flickr (click the "Nature Rocks" photo in this post for a quick link). I apologize to any event-goers caught in the background.

Oh! How can I write about this event and neglect the best part of the day! The weather was amazing, especially for Ocean Beach. I think I may have even toasted my face a little.

After the event Mom, Zeph, and I had linner (dunch?) at the Beach Chalet, and Mom was even nice enough to drive us home. I love being able to spend time with my mom, although I wish she and Zeph wouldn't pick on me so much when we get together. Isn't she supposed to take the biological child's side? On the other hand, I guess I shouldn't complain that my mom and my partner get along so well that they gang up on me; It's better than having them gang up on each other.

And now I am off to play Halo 3 with my honey. The end to a perfect Saturday...

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