Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New OLPC Blog

I have a lot to say about OLPC, and the musings on the project and my experiences with my XO laptop don't really jive with this blog. People searching for OLPC info should be able to find it without sifting through posts such as the best items to buy at Trader Joe's, and people who only care about my random posts on gender, gaming, and USF shouldn't be bombarded with posts about OLPC.

The solution? A new blog! Do I have time to maintain two blogs? No. Which is why the OLPC blog ( is co-authored. Currently, I am the only one who has posted, but I am confident that the other two authors will pipe up once they get their hot little hands on their laptops.

If you or anybody you know is interested in being added as an author, please let me know. I hope it will become a hotspot for a variety of experiences and opinions, as well as a way to meet in physical space (laptops in tow, of course!).

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Blogger indil said...

I read a Slashdot post about the OLPC project a little while ago, which discussed competing products by Microsoft and others. They cost more, but they're using their leverage to convince foreign governments to sign contracts with them instead. This could spell trouble for OLPC and the children they hope to help. Once the OLPC is out of business, Microsoft and the like will go back to selling high-priced crap that won't meet the needs of the kids targeted by OLPC. Capitalism sucks sometimes.

December 19, 2007 6:00 PM  

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