Sunday, December 02, 2007

Retro Sara in San Fran

Sara in San Fran started as an email newsletter that I sent to my family friends my Freshman year of college. It was published quasi-weekly, and it had a list of sections that appeared in each issue. One of the sections was "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly." Here's one edition of that section.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
The Good: The best thing about the school cafeteria on weekend mornings is that you are almost expected to arrive in your pajamas. I can get up, put a sweatshirt on over my jammy top, go get some pancakes, walk back to my room, and still have plenty of time to watch cartoons in my pajamas. I don’t think that sleep attire is accepted in any restaurants other than the ones on campus.

The Bad: Struggling to turn the knob on your heater so the heater will turn on, finally getting the heater turned on all the way, and then not being able to turn it off. Second to this is having an idea on how to fix the heater, but not having the tools with which to do it. Why doesn't anybody bring a large wrench with them to school?

The Ugly: The fact that the garbage in the hallway (less than 10 feet away from the door of my room) perpetually smells. However, it never smells of the same thing, as the mixture of food and trash in it changes from day to day. Today it smells like old cat food. Not dry cat food, wet cat food. I actually sprayed some Glade air freshener in the hallway. Now it smells like a mixture of fresh apple scent and wet cat food.

**I should mention that shortly after this issue got sent out, I received a toolkit in the mail from my Nonna, which of course contained a wrench.**

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